Etihad Airways 2012 Recruitment in Nigeria

Etihad Airways 2012 Recruitment in


Etihad Airways, the

World’s Leading Airline

for the second year

running, is the National

Airline of the United

Arab Emirates with its

home base in the capital

city of Abu Dhabi. Since

its inception in 2003, the

airline has spread its

wings to over 65

destinations across the

Middle East, Africa,

Asia, Australia, Europe

and North America; fast

earning the reputation

of being one of the

fastest growing airlines

in commercial aviation

history. Our fleet

includes the latest

generation of aircrafts

including A320,


A340-500/600 and

B777s with over 100

more aircrafts on order

with another 105

options and purchase

rights including the

A380, A350 and the

B787. The airline

currently operates a

fleet of 59 aircraft

including 6 freighters

and has set its sights

to fly 25 million guests

a year to at least 100

destinations by 2020.


The people we seek are

those who can relate to

our vision to be the

best airline in the world

and bring to life our five

corporate values.


Those 5 values are:

* Acting positively: to be

open, honest, and

supportive in all that

you do.

* Caring about detail: to

anticipate guest needs,

“Get it right”, and

always be consistent.

* Taking responsibility: to

take initiative, be

proactive and


* Delivering best practice:

to always be “Safety

aware”, efficient and

strive to be better.

* Inspiring our customers:

to be passionate, caring

and inspirational.

It is vital that all our

people understand and

maintain our values as

part of their day to day



As the world’s fastest

growing commercial

airline, Etihad Airways

always offers

significant opportunities

for its people to pursue

their professional and

personal goals


Available Vacancies:
Etihad Airways

available job vacancies

in their Lagos office.

Click the link below

to search and apply





Note: When Etihad

Airways job portal


select Nigeria from

the Country Dropdown,

scroll down and

Click Search &

Apply button at the

bottom of the page to

view open positions for



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